WooCommerce B2B compatibility with WPML

WPML is a great translation plugin for WordPress, ideal for translating your site into other languages or for making it multilingual, allowing your users to switch between different languages.

WooCommerce B2B already provide a sample configuration file that tells it what needs translation in plugin. You can download it here and place it into plugin folder:


General informations

Getting started with WPML is very simple, I suggest you take a look at official guide:

WPML – Getting Started Guide

To start to translate plugins (or themes) instead, you can refer to:

WPML – String Translation

If you use WooCommerce for your ecommerce, WPML has a powerful module to help you:

WPML – Multilingual and Multi-Currency WooCommerce Sites Made Easy

Translate WooCommerce B2B strings

To translate texts and strings present in WooCommerce B2B simply go to the WordPress backend in:

WPML -> Theme and plugins localization

and follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose “WooCommerce B2B” in the “Strings in the plugins” section:

  2. Click on the ‘+’ symbol corresponding to the language and text you want to translate:

  3. Type the translated text in your desired language:

WooCommerce B2B visibility option

WooCommerce B2B has a feature that allows you to manage the visibility of product pages or categories based on the group the user belongs to. To enable this option to work properly with WPML, simply go to:

WPML -> Settings

and set the “wcb2b_group_visibility” field to “Copy”:

  1. In the “Custom Term Meta Translation” section (for product categories):

  2. In the “Custom Fields Translation” section (for pages):