WooCommerce B2B is provided by default in English and Italian. But thanks to the collaboration of our fantastic users, we can have translations in additional languages (*). If your language is one of them, that’s it! Just download the ZIP file, unzip it and copy the two files (.po and .mo) into the folder:


If your language is not among them, you can follow the WooCommerce B2B guide to translate the plugin into your preferred language:

Here is the complete list of languages made available to the community (click on version to download):




If you want to contribute, please send us your language pack to, we and our users would be really grateful!

(*) These translations are provided voluntarily by users and are made available to the community to simplify and speed up their work. Code4Life and WooCommerce B2B team are not responsible for the content of these packs. Third party content and translations are not covered by support.