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Global commissions

Assign to each sales agent a global commission percentage on their customers' orders.

Product commissions

Assign to each product a dedicated commission for each sales agent and override global commission.

Commission status

Mark each commission as paid to track your payment history.

Commission application context

Decide on which types of item to apply the commission (products, shipping, fees).

Edit order commission

Change commission percentage applied for each individual order line and recalculate totals.

Admin commission panel

A filterable list of all the commissions accrued by your sales agents to always keep track of your network progress.

Not enough? Also for you in WooCommerce B2B Sales Agents

Sales agent dashboard

Sales agent dedicated area with statistics and notifications and customers, orders, commissions lists.

Notifications and advices

Add notifications and assign to sales agents, each sales agent will see notifications in his own area and manage read status.

Add own customers

Allow your sales agents to add their own customers.

Extended customer registration

Add billing fields to sales agent area new customer registration form.

Buy as a customer

Allows your sales agents to make purchases on behalf of their customers with just one click.

Edit prices in cart

Allow sales agents to edit and adjust product price in cart page when make purchase in behalf of their customers.

Customers assignment

For each customer you can decide who is the assigned sales agent.

Affiliation link

Create an unique affiliation link for each sales agents to assign registering customers.

New order notification

Sales agent can decide to receive a notification email when a new order is placed from his customers.

Coupons by sales agent

Restrict coupons usage by sales agent.

Admin reports

Admin can see a summary of performance by sales agent.

Admin bulk actions

One-click multiple sales agents assignment to customers.

Advanced admin filters

Filter customers by sales agent, Filter orders by sales agent.

Import/Export commissions

Massively add/update your products commission data with extended WooCommerce Import/Export tools.

Export tools in sales agent area

Sales agent can simply filter his data lists and export results in different file format.

Sales agents customizable theme

Create your sales agents area theme or customize default one by overriding it.

Custom logo

Choose your custom logo to insert in sales agents area with WordPress customizer.

REST API support

Use the REST API to manage your sales agents data.

Custom hooks and snipets

Pluggable functions, dedicated hooks and suggested snippets to easily customize plugin default behavior.

Simple and integrated

UX designed for simple and immediate use, fully integrated into WordPress/WooCommerce.


High compatibility with themes and plugins.

Performance and security

High safety standards guaranteed, improved and unrivaled performance.


100% multilanguage support and currently provided in Italian and English, included POT file to speed up translations.

See details in online documentation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look to users most common questions and learn more about WooCommerce B2B Sales Agents

Where can I find information on WooCommerce B2B Sales Agents options?

You can download from your Envato account the zip file that contains both the plugin and the documentation, also available online:

in which all features are described in detail, with examples, screenshots, hooks.

How do I update the plugin?

When an update is available, you will receive a notification email and you will be able to download and install the new version. Since v3.0.2, you will receive plugin updates notification directly in your WordPress plugins page.

To install new release, simply download it from your Envato account, unzip the archive and copy the entire folder:


with the new one by using an FTP client (such as FileZilla).

NB: To know more, please take a look to Documentation

If you prefer to automate this process and receive notification directly in the backend of your WordPress, you can install the free third party “WP Envato Market” plugin available on GitHub (

If I uninstall the plugin, what happens to its data in the database?

By default the plugin delete all its data if you uninstall it. Alternatively, you can always deactivate the plugin without loosing data.

Where do I see the options?

In the admin page, under WooCommerce `Settings` menu.

How can I translate WooCommerce B2B Sales Agents in my language?

WooCommerce B2B Sales Agents is already provided in two languages: English and Italian. All plugin strings have been localized using the GNU gettex framework to make it completely “translation ready”, so it can be easly translated in the same way that other WordPress plugins.

Take a look to language packs provided by our awesome users: Translations

In the included documentation you’ll find a simple guide to translate WooCommerce B2B Sales Agents in the language of your choice.

How can I import/export WooCommerce B2B Sales Agents products commissions?

WooCommerce B2B Sales Agents extends default WooCommerce import/export tools. So, simply go to:

Products > All Products

and click on the “Import” or “Export” button near the page title.

Notice: to export WooCommerce B2B Sales Agents data, please check “Yes, export all custom meta”.

Can I set commission as flat rate instead of percentage?

WooCommerce B2B Sales Agents allows you to enter commissions as a percentage, but you can easily get around this.
Consider that the sales agent commissions for each product can be bulk updated through WooCommerce’s default Import / Export tools, with a CSV file.
Then, it is possible to calculate the percentage starting from the product price and flat commission you want directly with Excel, for example, and upload the file to update the commissions as percentage.

In example:
Product price: 80
Desired commission amount: 5
Calculate commission percentage: Commission amount / Product price × 100 = 5 / 80 * 100 = 6.25%

How can I apply sales agents to other user roles?

Since version 1.0.5, WooCommerce B2B Sales Agents allow you to use its features on other roles except sales agents, by using the proper hook “wcb2bsa_has_role_sales_agent” (or “wcb2bsa_has_role_customer” to extend customer features). You can know more about this hook by reading documentation, in Plugin Hooks section.
If you want, you can also work around the problem by using the free plugin Multiple-roles, with which you can assign your custom role to users who already have the customer role and use both of them.

Notice: Multiple roles is a third part plugin, then Code4Life is not responsible of problems or malfunctions resulting from its use

Why I get 404 error on sales agent area pages?

To fix 404 error, simply go to WooCommerce B2B Sales Agents settings page and click on `Save` button.

Then, from main WordPress admin menu go to:

Settings > Permalinks >

and click on `Save changes` button.

Where do I see the commissions list in admin?

In the admin page, under WooCommerce `Sales agents` menu.

How can agents add their own customers?

Before of all, you need to enable this capability. To do this, simply go to WooCommerce B2B Sales Agents settings page and enable `New customers` option. Now, your sales agents can add customers in their own area, clicking on `Add new customer` in customers list page.

Can customers choose their own sales agent?

Yes, by choosing “Allow to choose” in “Default sales agent” option, a new field will be added to checkout page. In this way, customers can choose their desired sales agent among those available. If customer is logged in and already has a sales agent assigned, no field will be added.

How can I add different commissions by product?

Simply go to:


and edit your desired product. In `Commissions` tab, you can find your sales agents list and give a different commission to each of them for this product. You can bulk update your products by using WooCommerce default Import/Export tools.

How can change commission applied to order?

Simply, go to single order page, edit single item row (product, shipping cost, fees) and input your desired commission for this row.

How can an agent place orders on behalf of his client?

In the sales agents area, from the customer list, click “Details” for the desired customer and click on the “Make purchase as customer” button.

How can a sales agent change customer’s data?

A sales agent can change the data of a customer by switching on his account, by clicking on the “Make an order for this customer” button, in sales agent area, in customer details page.

In this way, the sales agent takes possession of the customer account and can operate independently, including modifying personal data and addresses.

How can I add notifications for sales agents?

Simply go to:

WooCommerce B2B Sales Agents > Notifications

then click on `Add new` in top left of the page (near title). In notification edit page, on right sidebar, you can choose all sales agents you want to read the notification.

How can I delete widgets or charts from the sales agent dashboard?

From the WooCommerce B2B Sales Agents settings page, simply uncheck the widgets or charts you prefer not to display in your sales agents’ dashboard.

How can I customize sales agents area template?

Edit files in an upgrade-safe way using overrides. Copy the template into a directory within your theme named /sales-agents/ keeping the same file structure but removing the /templates/ subdirectory.

Example: To override the dashboard, copy:




The copied file will now override the WooCommerce B2B Sales Agents default template file.

It requires WooCommerce B2B to work?

No, WooCommerce B2B Sales Agents can be installed and used without WooCommerce B2B.

I also installed WooCommerce B2B, can I assign a default group to customers registered by a sales agent?

Yes, when WooCommerce B2B is installed and active, in the backend sales agent profile modification page, you will find the “B2B DEFAULT GROUP FOR NEW CUSTOMERS” option. Here you can choose from the groups created with WooCommerce B2B the one you want to be the default for this sales agent. This way, when a sales agent registers a customer, they will automatically be assigned to this group.


Here all the versions of WooCommerce B2B Sales Agents, listed chronologically from the oldest to newest

  • v1.0.9 24 April 2021

    • * Add: new option to move sales agents dashboard in a dedicated page
    • * Add: new option to prevent customer data modification by sales agents
    • * Add: new option to display/hide commission column in WooCommerce orders list to improve performance
    • * Add: new column "Created by" in orders list in sales agents area
    • * Tweak: improved customers registration by sales agent or by affiliation link process
    • * Tweak: improved commissions export by adding customer column
    • * Minor fixes and localisation updates
  • v1.0.8 18 February 2021

    • * Add: new settings page panel "Status" to check WooCommerce B2B Sales Agents templates override
    • * Tweak: new REST API fields
    • * Tweak: database updates are processed in background with WordPress action scheduler to improve performance
    • * Tweak: improved updates check to better performance and to better integration with WordPress
    • * Tweak: improved sales agents order note in order details page
    • * Tweak: improved working with WooCommerce B2B plugin
    • * Tweak: sales agents can choose customer group in registration (only works with WooCommerce B2B plugin)
    • * Dev: changed theme folder containing templates overrides
    • * Fix: resolved an issue in saving "(Repriced by sales agent)" text
    • * Fix: resolved an issue in assigning sales agents to order when "Default sales agent" option is set on "Allow to choose"
    • * Minor fixes and localisation updates
  • v1.0.7 25 December 2020

    • * Add: new feature to allow sales agents to edit product prices in cart page
    • * Add: new feature to assign a default sales agent on new customer registration
    • * Add: new feature to allow customers to choose their sales agent in checkout
    • * Add: new option to manage sales agents dashboard widgets and charts visibility
    • * Add: new feature to have sales by sales agent in WooCommerce reports
    • * Add: new feature to allow sales agents to update their customers order status
    • * Add: new feature to consider only orders placed directly from sales agent
    • * Tweak: updated list pages in sales agent area to improve performace and sorting
    • * Tweak: updated sales agent area style
    • * Tweak: new hooks to improve customization
    • * Fix: resolved a problem filtering users by sales agent in admin
    • * Minor fixes and localisation updates
  • v1.0.6 19 November 2020

    • * Add: new option to generate an affiliation link to assign sales agent to new registering customers
    • * Add: new option to extend sales agents area new customer form with billing fields
    • * Add: new option to assign default group to new customers added by sales agent (only works with WooCommerce B2B plugin)
    • * Add: new option to admin to export commissions in CSV file
    • * Add: new feature to restrict coupons usage by sales agent
    • * Tweak: add pagination in admin commissions summary to better memory management
    • * Tweak: new custom hooks to extend and customize plugin behaviour
    • * Tweak: fixed registration messages in sales agents area
    • * Tweak: improved account switch management
    • * Fix: resolved a problem with pluggable functions
    • * Minor fixes
  • v1.0.5 15 August 2020

    • * Add: new feature to automatically check updates when in settings page
    • * Add: new option to include sales agents data in emails
    • * Add: new feature to extend REST API for an improved flexibility
    • * Add: new commissions admin page filter by year/month/order creator
    • * Tweak: new feature to extend customer and sales agent capabilities to custom roles
    • * Tweak: new feature to know order creator (admin/customer/sales agent)
    • * Tweak: new admin graphics
    • * Tweak: new custom hooks to extend and customize plugin behaviour
    • * Update: moved sales agents area logo uploader in dedicated section in Appearance -> Customize
  • v1.0.4 03 June 2020

    • * Add: new feature to change sales agents area logo from backend
    • * Add: new feature to have notifications status (read/unread) with counter badge
    • * Add: new section in sales agents area to manage more detailed statistics
    • * Add: display of customer "Company" field in sales agents area lists
    • * Add: filter by sales agents and commission status in admin commissions summary page
    • * Add: plugin functions have now pluggable support
    • * Update: better endpoints management to prevent 404 and improve performance
    • * Fix: added "wcb2bsa_switch_to_customer_redirect" and "wcb2bsa_switch_to_sales_agent_redirect" missing hooks
    • * Fix: resolved a problem assigning commission to some variable products
  • v1.0.3 17 April 2020

    • * Add: new feature to override global sales agent commission in each product
    • * Add: new feature to save in browser local storage sales agent table configuration (ie: columns visibility, pagination option)
    • * Add: new option to allow sales agents to create new customers who will be automatically assigned to him
    • * Add: new feature to enter notifications for sales agents
    • * Add: new hooks
    • * Update: better management for orders placed in admin
    • * Update: in backend, moved commissions summary into a dedicated menu
    • * Minor fix: added a function to improve retrocompatibility with old WooCommerce versions
    • * Minor fix: prevented some warnings in log
  • v1.0.2 11 March 2020

    • * Update: improved sales agents area responsive on tablet devices
    • * Update: improved endpoints management to prevent problems with themes switching
    • * Fix: added sales agents capabilities to order again
    • * Fix: resolved a bug on filter by Sales agent in orders page
    • * Minor fix: prevented some warnings in log
    • * Tested compatibility with WooCommerce v4.0.0
  • v1.0.1 28 February 2020

    • * Fix: recompiled javascript file to prevent error
    • * Fix: removed item commissions from emails
  • v1.0.0 30 January 2020

    • * Initial release
  • Development timeline

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