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Price rules

Assign different prices to each product and offer personalized price lists by customer group.

Prices by quantity

Offer discounted prices by cart quantity to your customers.

Customer groups

Organize your customers in groups and assign specific rules to manage them easily.

Hidden prices

Hide prices to unregistered customers.

Guest access restriction

Prevent access to shop pages to unregistered customers.

Categories visibility

Hide entire product categories based on customer group.

Not enough? Also for you in WooCommerce B2B

Quotation system
Quotation notifications
Shipping methods control
Payment methods control
Approve registration
Extended B2B registration
Tax exemption
Terms and conditions
Min purchase amount
Packaging fee
Min product quantity
Package quantity
Coupons by group
Email notifications
Special groups
Admin bulk actions
Advanced admin filters
Import/Export B2B data
REST API support
Orders useful details
Custom hooks and snippets
Simple and integrated
Performance and security

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Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look to users most common questions and learn more about WooCommerce B2B

How can I use groups Terms & Conditions?

Using the dedicated Terms & Conditions per group feature is very simple: simply enter the text you prefer for each group, then use the shortcode [wcb2bgrouptermsconditions] on the terms and conditions page, or on any page you prefer. In this way each customer, depending on the group to which he is assigned, will see the text dedicated to his own group.

How quotation request works?

With the new quotation request management system you will be able to allow your customers to receive personalized offers with respect to their requests.

When a customer is on the checkout page, you can choose the special “Quotation request” from the payment methods. In this way, the order will be transformed into a quotation request, with the status “On quote” and you will receive a notification email, which will allow you to modify the order as you prefer (for example, by offering discounted prices).

When you have finished, simply put the order in “Quoted” status, to automatically send a notification to the customer that his request has been processed. Each customer will be able to see the list of quotations in their my-account area, check their status and, if accepted, proceed to payment using the appropriate button that WooCommerce B2B adds to “Quoted” orders.

NB: the requests for quotation do not reduce the stock of the product, this occurs only later, when the quotation is put in the “Quoted” status.

How works VIES validation and what it needs?

VIES is an electronic mean of validating VAT-identification numbers of economic operators registered in the European Union for cross border transactions on goods or services. Through VIES WebService, WooCommerce B2B will validate your EU customers VAT number in checkout and in extended registration form.

To know more about supported EU member countries, please refer to: VIES VAT number validation.

Important: VIES validation is based on third part API, WooCommerce B2B is not responsible for any malfunctions and/or validation errors. VIES validation requires PHP SOAP extension, please check if it is enabled on your server or contact your hosting provider.

How can I import/export WooCommerce B2B products fields?

Since version 2.1.0 WooCommerce B2B extends default WooCommerce import/export tools. So, simply go to:

Products > All Products

and click on the “Import” or “Export” button near the page title.

Notice: to export WooCommerce B2B data, please check “Yes, export all custom meta”.

Why prices don’t update if I change group discount percentage or customer group assignment?

To improve performance, WooCommerce B2B generates a cache of price using user ID, so every time the user navigates the site (when logged in) prices are not recalculated, but taken from the cache, improving the browsing speed and the User Experience.

To clear WooCommerce cache and regenerate prices, simply go to:

WooCommerce > Status > Tools > WooCommerce transient

and click on the “REMOVE TRANSIENT” button

How can I translate WooCommerce B2B in my language?

WooCommerce B2B is already provided in two languages: English and Italian. All plugin strings have been localized using the GNU gettex framework to make it completely “translation ready”, so it can be easly translated in the same way that other WordPress plugins.

Take a look to language packs provided by our awesome users: Translations

In the included documentation you’ll find a simple guide to translate WooCommerce B2B in the language of your choice.

Why I can’t find group and status in user details?

WooCommerce B2B is an extension developed to work with the default “customer” role of WooCommerce, probably the user you are trying to change group and/or status has another role.

How can I apply WooCommerce B2B rules to other user roles?

Right now, WooCommerce B2B does not allow you to use its features on other roles except customers, but you can work around the problem by using the free plugin Multiple-roles, with which you can assign your custom role to users who already have the customer role and use both of them.

Notice: Multiple roles is a third part plugin, then Code4Life is not responsible of problems or malfunctions resulting from its use

Where do I see the options?

In the admin page, under WooCommerce `Settings` menu.

Why cannot I view the status and group fields on the user edit page?

Status and group fields are available only for users with customer role. All other users do not have them.

Is it possible to have a public price list and allow users logged in to view the discounted price dedicated to them?

Yes, it is possible. Simply deselect the “Hide prices” option, so each guest user will see the default price assigned to the product, while the logged in customers will see the discounted price (if assigned to a group).

If I activate “Product categories visibility” option, what it happens?

You can select in every product category the visibility for each customer group. Customers can see only products belonging the visible product categories. All not visible items aren’t displayed in all the website (menu, shortcodes, widgets, lists, up-sells, cross-sells, related).

Where can I find customers export tools?

In the admin page, under `Tools` -> `Export`.

Is it compatible with multi-vendor plugins?

WooCommerce B2B doesn’t completely support multi-vendor websites. Options can be only set globally and not for each vendor. Please, ask support for more information.

If I uninstall the plugin, what happens to its data in the database?

By default the plugin delete all its data if you uninstall it. Alternatively, you can always deactivate the plugin without loosing data.

How do I update the plugin?

When an update is available, you will receive a notification email and you will be able to download and install the new version.

To install new release, simply download it from your Envato account, unzip the archive and copy the entire folder:


with the new one by using an FTP client (such as FileZilla).

If you prefer to automate this process and receive notification directly in the backend of your WordPress, you can install the free third party “WP Envato Market” plugin available on GitHub (

If I update from 1.0 version, I will lose all groups previously created?

No, WooCommerce B2B new version automatically convert old groups in new version, you will not lose anything previously set.

If I update from 1.0 version, I will lose the previous settings?

No, updating you will not lose anything previously set.

I’m updating from 1.0 version but I can’t found groups management. Where is it?

Since version 2.0.0, groups are under `Users` -> `All Groups`.


Here all the versions of WooCommerce B2B, listed chronologically from the oldest to newest

  • v3.0.1 19 November 2020

    • * Add: new feature to display customer assigned group in backend order details page
    • * Add: new feature to restrict coupons usage by customer group
    • * Add: new feature to manage pages visibility by group
    • * Update: taxes split feature to improve totals calculation and display
    • * Tweak: improved tax display with tier prices
    • * Tweak: tax exemption improvements
    • * Tweak: added capability to set different recipient for new quote email
    • * Fix: resolved a bug with some product dedicated prices import/export
    • * Fix: resolved a showing issue of tier prices when hidden prices option enabled
    • * Fix: resolved a problem with pluggable functions
    • * Fix: resolved a problem with "tax escl." string on order confirmation emails when splitted tax enabled
    • * Minor fixes
  • v3.0.0 14 August 2020

    • * Add: new feature to have quotation requests
    • * Add: new feature to have special prices by purchase quantity (tier prices)
    • * Add: new feature to have different Terms & Conditions for each group
    • * Add: new feature to restrict catalog to and WooCommerce pages to logged in customers
    • * Add: new feature to add a packaging fee by group in orders
    • * Add: new feature to automatically check updates when in settings page
    • * Add: new feature to calculate and display order total weight in admin order details
    • * Add: new feature to force "Zero tax" class by group
    • * Add: new feature to extend REST API for an improved flexibility
    • * Add: plugin functions have now pluggable support
    • * Update: refactoring to improve performance and increase speed
    • * Update: VAT number field can be set as optional
    • * Tweak: new feature to extend customer capabilities to custom roles
    • * Tweak: new admin graphics
    • * Tweak: new columns in admin to improve experience
    • * Tweak: new custom hooks to extend and customize plugin behaviour
    • * Remove: dropped "Enable" option
    • * Remove: dropped "B2B" tab in products page. Now minimum quantity and package can be managed in product inventory tab
  • v2.1.6 03 June 2020

    • * Update: improved guest group management
    • * Update: improved product categories visibility management
    • * Update: improved extended registration form fields validation, according to WooCommerce updates
    • * Fix: resolved a problem with some decimals price round with tax split
    • * Fix: resolved a problem in Greeks VAT numbers validation
    • * Fix: resolved a problem with backend orders with variable products and dedicated prices between variations
    • * Fix: resolved a product category visibility problem with WooCommerce v4.0.1
    • * Minor fix: prevented some PHP warnings
    • * Minor fix: replaced some deprecated WooCommerce hooks
  • v2.1.5 17 April 2020

    • * Add: new feature that allow to have prices rules also in orders placed in admin
    • * Update: better prices management to improve performance
    • * Update: with split tax option enabled, customers assigned to guest group see prices with taxes
    • * Fix: corrected a problem in applying step increments in cart for variable products
    • * Fix: corrected a problem when saving different group prices on variable products
    • * Fix: corrected displaying prices in case of different variations prices with split tax option enabled
  • v2.1.4 11 March 2020

    • * Add: new feature to assign customer to a default group on new registration
    • * Add: now guest customers has a dedicated group, automatically created by default
    • * Update: minimum purchase amount now can be set by group
    • * Update: when a group is deleted, all customers assigned to that group are automatically assigned to default group
    • * Update: VIES validation allow also VAT numbers starting with country code
    • * Fix: dedicated prices calculation issue
    • * Tested compatibility with WooCommerce v4.0.0
  • v2.1.3 28 February 2020

    • * Update: improved prices calculation for better performance and compatibility
    • * Update: improved login process when moderate registration is enabled
    • * Fix: improved products category visibility by group handling when a group hasn't any product category selected
    • * Fix: prevent customer login by wp-login.php page when not active
    • * Fix: improved minimum quantity application for product loop add-to-cart button
    • * Fix: improved minimum quantity application for variable products
    • * Fix: improved display prices with tax and without tax in cart and thankyou page
    • * Fix: resolved some warnings when create customers via REST API
    • * Minor fix: some translation strings in POT file
  • v2.1.2 31 October 2019

    • * Add: new feature to display prices with tax to guest customers and without tax to logged in customer belonging WCB2B group
    • * Add: new option to disable shipping methods by group
    • * Add: new feature to validate VAT number with VIES API for EU customers in checkout and extended registration form
    • * Update: changed and updated some translations
    • * Fix: improved minimum quantity and increment for grouped products
    • * Fix: improved bulk import when create new products
    • * Minor fix: hooks priority improvements
  • v2.1.1 21 September 2019

    • * Fix: bug related to save groups payment methods when no one is selected
    • * Minor fix: updated some settings translations
    • * Tested compatibility with WooCommerce v3.7.0
  • v2.1.0 17 May 2019

    • * Add: new feature to manage product prices! You can set different prices for every single product depending on customer group (can be applied in cascade to the percentage discount already existing in previous versions of WooCommerce B2B). Now you can decide between:
      - apply a discount percentage to all the products in the catalog (as in the previous versions);
      - apply a dedicated price to each product according to the customer group;
      - apply a percentage discount on the single price dedicated to the customer group;
    • * Add: new functions to import/export WooCommerce B2B fields and prices in default import/export tools
    • * Update: improved compatibility with certain themes relating to cross-sells and up-sells
    • * Update: changed and updated some translations
    • * Fix: bug related to minimum product quantity in grouped products
    • * Minor fix: improved functions to remove some unnecessary warnings in log file with PHP version > 7.1.x
  • v2.0.7 22 February 2019

    • * Add: new function to clear price cache when customer group or discount percentage changes
    • * Add: new function to hide products belonging to categories not visible even in search results
    • * Update: improved exclusion of products belonging to categories not visible in related products
    • * Update: improved and fixed redirection function in case of non-visible categories and related products
    • * Update: improved compatibility with certain themes relating to cross-sells and up-sells
    • * Fix: link to settings on the plugins page
    • * Fix: bug related to the input field in the cart in case of product minimum quantity
    • * Fix: bug related to non-existent customer account when moderate registration option is enabled
    • * Minor fix: global performance improvements
  • v2.0.6 18 November 2018

    • * Add: create a POT file to speed up translation in other languages
    • * Fix: correct bug that prevented to display more than 10 groups in product category visibility box
    • * Minor fix: removed a useless filter that prevent correct minimum product quantity check in cart input field
    • * Minor fix: improved functions to remove some unnecessary warnings in log file
  • v2.0.5 26 October 2018

    • * Add: now it's possible to filter users by status (active/inactive)
    • * Add: new hook filter to customize filters in users list page in admin
    • * Add: new hook filter to change message that display discount amount assigned to customers (if they have one) in their own account area or in products page
    • * Update: improved messages strings and translations
    • * Fix: checking account message in emails footer in now displayed only when expected
    • * Fix: resolve a bug that prevented to display of the list of payment methods in groups
    • * Minor fix: improved functions to remove some unnecessary warnings in log file
    • * Minor fix: display minimum and increment quantity message in product page
    • * Minor fix: improved displaying of discount according to WooCommerce settings
  • v2.0.4 07 September 2018

    • * Add: new option to disable payment methods by group
    • * Add: new option to display discount amount assigned to customer in single product page
    • * Add: new metabox to group in admin to summarize product categories visibility
    • * Add: new useful function in the backend to export the customers list in CSV, included customer group and status
    • * Update: improved products price calculation with group discount
    • * Fix: product categories visibility in WooCommerce "Product categories" default widget (when "Product categories visibility" option is enabled)
    • * Fix: "Visibility of group access" option in product categories can now have no group enabled
    • * Minor fix: improved group displaying in customers list in admin
  • v2.0.3 14 July 2018

    • * Add: new useful function in the backend to filter the user list by group
    • * Add: extended registration form field validation
    • * Add: new option to send email notice to admin when a new customer registers
    • * Update: improved activation email sending process
    • * Update: improved translation in IT
    • * Fix: extended registration form state and country selection
    • * Fix: customer discount in account area now is correctly hidden if option is disabled
  • v2.0.2 03 July 2018

    • * Fix: resolved issue with country and province select fields in extended registration form
    • * Fix: resolved issue that sent activation email on every save in customer account (when function enabled)
  • v2.0.1 15 June 2018

    • * Add: new function to avoid price structured data if prices are hidden
    • * Fix: resolved issue with category products visibility when groups are enabled
    • * Fix: resolved issue in mini cart amount calculation
    • * Fix: minor bugs
  • v2.0.0 29 May 2018

    • * Add: new groups management system
    • * Add: new feature to hide product categories
    • * Add: new feature to extend registration form
    • * Add: new functions to easily and automatically convert old groups to new custom post types
    • * Add: new "wcb2b_billing_company_required" hook to make company field mandatory is applied only to WooCommerce version before 3.4.0
    • * Update: language domain as requested by WordPress internationalization standards
    • * Fix: resolved issue when displaying WooCommerce email settings
    • * Fix: resolved problem when sending customer activation notification
    • * Fix: resolved random problem with minimum cart amount message
  • v1.0.0 31 March 2018

    • * Initial release
  • Development timeline

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